Climbatize Ltd

Founded in 2015, Climbatize Ltd is a Midlands-based tree surgery company that is owned and operated by Rory Burdett Hammonds. Having worked and proven himself in multiple well-established tree surgery companies, Rory now has the knowledge, passion, and expertise to run his own team. Climbatize Ltd was built upon a love for trees and the climbing work involved with them, hence our company name.

Catering to All Services

Although we are currently only a small business, we hope to climb the ladder of success, as we can acclimatize to any amount of work sent our way. Our talented tree surgeons have a vast amount of experience of all types of tree work, and are able to accommodate any job, from forestry and building site clearance to small pruning work, garden, grounds maintenance, and large tree removal.

Preventing Future Problems

Climbatize Ltd aims to inform their clients of the best methods of pruning, and hope to maintain the longevity of their trees for many years to come. As a fully qualified tree surgeon, our owner believes that prevention is better than cure. By this he means that it is better to keep on top of tree maintenance than leaving the tree to become a problem in the future.

For instance, reducing a tree before a large branch has the chance to snap off and hurt someone is better than cutting a tree down completely as it is now deemed unsafe. In the same way, it is better to have a tree felled sooner rather than later if it looks like it could outgrow its position. This is because a large overgrown tree in a small garden will take a lot more time and effort to sectionally fell than would be needed to fell a young tree in the wrong position.

Committed to Long-Term Tree Maintenance and client satisfaction

Tree maintenance can be a lifelong process, but the enjoyment taken from large, safe, and healthy trees in a garden can be invaluable. We hope to establish a long relationship with our clients and provide an efficient, cost-effective, and friendly service that is not only the best for you but the best for your trees.

Contact our tree surgeons now, in Burbage, Leicestershire, for further information about the work carried out by our tree surgeons.