Everything You Need to Know About Tree Root Services

Even in a highly urbanised area, trees bear a great significance in maintaining balance within the surroundings. They vastly help in reducing temperatures and evaporating water. More importantly, trees play an essential role in decreasing the risk of flash floods in cities as they absorb water through their roots. That is why it is essential to maintain the health of the trees, and one way to do so is with tree root services.

Importance of Tree Root Protection

When protecting the trees, you don’t just protect whatever you see above the surface. Remember, there is something beneath the soil that holds everything together. Root protection is just as important as leaf growth and pruning. Why could that be?


Maintains or Improves the Health of Trees

Saving the roots of the trees from damages will help maintain overall tree health. If the roots aren’t well taken care of, they may not have enough power to harvest nutrients and bring them to the trunks, branches, leaves, and fruits, which might result in the tree losing its life.


Anchors the Tree in the Ground

A strong root system provides a reliable foundation for the entire structure. It keeps it standing sturdily on the ground and provides stability as the tree becomes larger and grows higher. On the other hand, a poor root system may result in uprooted trees, especially during destructive storms. When this happens, the fallen trees will block the way, or worse, they may hit a nearby house, a passing vehicle, or a person.

For this reason, it is crucial to take care of the roots on top of taking care of the entire tree. This way, the roots will properly develop and have a stronger hold on the ground beneath.


Reduces the Risks of Damage

Trees take huge spaces, specifically when the roots don’t have root blockers, grow like vines, and envelop the soil underground. However, the area that the tree covers may be used for other purposes like establishing a building. If not looked after, the construction project may affect the roots of the trees.

The thing is, roots are vulnerable, sensitive, and susceptible to damages. Several factors may affect the roots: contaminated soil, compacted soil, and soil stricken with foreign material. When any of these happens, trees may stop growing and lose their stability, beauty, and value. You can avoid all of these with the right tree and root protection.


Helps Identify Future Growth

If you don’t take care of the trees, you won't know how they will be in the future. When caring for your trees, it is best to start with the roots and work your way to the top. When they are strong, healthy, and stable, they will live longer and provide you with countless benefits—a bountiful shade, for example. Moreover, you must provide the roots with ample space so that they can expand to their full potential.


Climbatize Ltd: Providing Tree Root Services since 2015

While trees offer various advantages to humans and animals, they may also cause problems. Strong root systems may encroach on footings and disrupt services such as gas, electricity, and water. On the other hand, trees may get damaged from landscape development. But this is not something you have to worry, because we at Climbatize Ltd will come to your rescue. Here are the following tree root services we can provide you with:


Root Protection Area Systems

Our qualified arborist sets up a root protection area should there be construction or landscaping projects around the trees. This step will ensure that the area will be safe from ground compaction and soil disturbance.


Geosynthetic Root Blocker System

While there is no stopping the trees from growing their roots, we can limit the space it takes by installing a root blocker system. The purpose of this tree root service is to prevent the roots from going into an existing building or landscaping so that these establishments won’t get damaged.


Radial Trenching Mulching System

This system fills the soil with suitable nutrient levels if it is suspected to be unhealthy or doesn’t have enough nutrients for the tree. The radial trenching mulching system helps make the roots healthier and ultimately fosters growth in the branches and leaves.


Root Investigation

Climbatize Ltd also does root investigation to help you identify whether or not the trees’ roots pose a threat on the grounds of a building, landscaping, driveway, or road. This way, we can help you find which tree root services will best fit your needs. Our root investigation is a no-dig, no-harm process, so you have nothing to worry about.


Protect Your Trees, So It Can Protect You!

You must save the trees from damages before it’s too late. If you are in need of solutions for your tree problems, Climatized Ltd will provide you with reliable and high-quality services. We accept all types of jobs—whether it is an issue between trees and a domestic home or trees and large-scale businesses. Call us now at 01455 364997 to know more about our services.