Safety Measures to Take When Removing a Tree

Professional tree cutters remove many trees and stumps throughout the year. To protect themselves and people nearby from fallen limbs and prevent possible injuries, they have to take various precautions and measures. Yet, many still get hurt even after taking safety measures to protect themselves.


This just goes to show that tree removal is truly a dangerous job. Whether you are looking to go the DIY route or hire professionals to cut your trees, it’s important to familiarise yourself with removal safety.


In this post, we’ll look at the most common hazards or risks associated with cutting trees and also tree removal experts’ safe processes.

Common Tree Removal Hazards and Risks

Felling a tree is no easy job. It can be especially dangerous without the right equipment and knowledge of cutting techniques. Many homeowners who attempted their tree care work have gotten themselves injured from falling limbs or malfunctioning equipment.


Power Lines

When working near power lines, it is a must to assume that the wires are live. If you’re lucky, the worst that could happen is you knocking out the power in your neighbourhood when you, your tools, or the tree itself hits a power line.


Decaying Wood

Dead or dying trees are extremely unstable as they are decaying from the inside out. Professional tree surgeons use cranes to safely remove decaying wood. If you suspect there are trees in your yard that are starting to decay, your best bet is to have them removed by professionals before they collapse without warning.


Improper Equipment

Wearing protective gear from head to toe is needed when removing trees. Chain saws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers—these tools are also needed to safely fell and remove a tree. You would need all of this equipment if you decide to DIY.


Requisite expertise is also needed to perform a safe and successful removal. You are likely to expose yourself to unnecessary risk without the right knowledge of effective cutting techniques.


Safety Tips to Remember

There is no question about how essential trees are to the environment. However, there comes a time when we have to cut them, especially when they pose risks to passers-by. If you are considering felling some trees in your yard, you have to look at various aspects before you do the work.


It should be done properly and safely. To ensure that you are protecting yourself and other people around you when removing any kind or size of trees, it helps to know the following safety tips:


Use the Right Removal Equipment and Gear

You have to use the right equipment and safety gear when cutting trees, regardless of their size. Make sure you wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) including durable goggles, work boots, harness, and helmets. You also have to use quality safety gloves (to protect your hands) and earplugs (to protect your hearing from the loud buzz of tree-cutting tools).


Another thing to consider is wearing a visible vest. This is for the people around you to know that you’re working on something that needs utmost care. If you ever DIY, it’s safer to work with another person rather than doing the removal on your own.


Read the Manual for the Equipment and Tools

Because cutting trees requires the use of powerful tools like chainsaws, you need to make sure that you understand how to properly operate the equipment. Read up the manual guides’ instructions and follow the directions to ensure safety. As we have previously alluded to, the improper use of equipment may result in hazards and serious accidents that could cause fatal injuries, even with the right protective gear on.


Check the Power Lines and Have Them Removed

We mentioned how power lines are easily one of the most common risks of tree removal. Before you plan to remove a tree, you have to assume that power lines are energised and should therefore be shielded or de-energised.


You might want to contact your utility provider to know what you’re removing from the tree. For any tree within 10ft of the power lines, it should be removed by a professional tree surgeon. This surgeon must be accompanied by another tree surgeon within voice range so they can communicate easily.


Inspect the Tree

If you’re not sure how to go about the entire process of removing a tree, you have to contact professional tree cutters. It’s very important to have them inspect the trees before removal to determine whether the trees are alive or dead.



Keep in mind the hazards or risks associated with felling a tree. Also, stay alert during the whole process and have some people help you. It’s much safer to have additional sets of ears and eyes to pick up on any possible danger and ensure safety.


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