The Tell-Tale Signs That It's Time for Tree Removal

We have been taught all our lives that trees play a vital role in our environment. For some, the thought of requiring tree removal may be upsetting, but there will come a time when you will have no choice but to remove a tree.


There are some instances wherein the removal of trees and foliage is a must in order to prevent the possibility of causing damage to properties and harm to people. Some people see tree removal as a way to improve the appearance of a landscape or make way for a new establishment to rise.


In this blog, let us learn the various reasons and signs a tree should be removed and where you can possibly get the best and professional tree removal services.

Reasons Why Tree Removal Should Be Done

Before we dive deep into some of the tell-tale signs a tree should be removed, here are the primary reasons why you might need tree removal.



A dead tree in your yard can depreciate the value of your home. If you want to sell your property sometime soon, have the dead trees professionally removed first. The objective of this is to sell your home at the best price possible.



Trees, whether alive or dead, can cause damage, especially if they are positioned close to high foot traffic or close to your properties and that of your neighbour's.



A tree can be infested with insects or pests, such as wasps, beetles, and mosquitoes. Once a pest infestation begins, it will undermine the wood, and these pests will likely enter your homes.



Like any other living things, trees can get infections, and most can die because of it. And if you have lots of trees in your yard and only one has been infected, remove the infected one right away before it can spread its disease to neighbouring trees and foliage.


9 Tell-Tale Signs It's Time for Tree Removal

Once you learn the importance of tree health and recognise the need for removal, you will understand that removing the tree will do more good than bad. That said, learn the signs that tell you a tree should be removed.


1. The tree is leaning down

Is there a dead tree in your yard that could potentially fall off and damage your home and that of your neighbours? The tree could be leaning down in the direction of your property. A strong wind will cause it to crash down into your home or your neighbour's house any time, so have it removed.


2. Pruning its branches may not be enough

Even if the tree's branches are causing the problem, sometimes, regularly pruning them off may not just cut it, especially if the branches grow fast and big and go unnoticed. Before the situation could go out of hand, have the tree removed by a professional tree surgeon right away.


3. Storms can make the tree a threat

You most likely experienced storms in your life, and you know what it does to your surroundings, especially to the trees within your yard or your neighbourhood. If a tree has existing health problems or is on the verge of breaking and falling, it will most likely fall off during a storm.


4. Literal roots are already the root of the problem

The tree's roots could be sticking out close to the foundation of your home or establishment. Perhaps you see roots growing close to the fences, the sidewalk, and driveways.


Perhaps there are root defects caused by fungi and emerging sprouts at the tree's base that will leave you no choice but to remove the tree.


5. Infestation is apparent and getting worse

If you have noticed that a tree is infested with insects or pests, or even diseases you can't put a name on, then it's definitely high time for you to remove the tree before it infects other plants and trees near the area.


The next time you notice that a tree within your home's perimeter shows signs of infestation, be sure to deal with it right away through tree felling and stump removal. This ensures that the infestation will not affect other plants and trees nearby.


6. Proximity to pavements and streets

Nothing else is more dangerous than a tree close to high foot traffic and powerlines. Even if it's a healthy tree, there is a possibility that pedestrians and properties such as cars will get hurt and damaged, respectively, should a branch fall off. It will cause more damage if it's a big tree.


7. Proximity to powerlines

Trees near power lines are hazardous as they can cause fires. You don't want to harm yourself, your family, and your neighbourhood; hence, take it upon yourself to remove trees that could fall on powerlines.


8. The tree is starting to rot, and saving it is impossible

If you are familiar with what fungi look like and you notice them on your tree, you may want to have it checked up. There is a likelihood that the tree is already rotting, and once it does, it can fall any time. Before this happens, it should be removed right away before it can damage nearby properties.


9. The tree is already dead

As much as you don't want to let go of your beloved tree in your backyard, there is no point in keeping a dead tree in your yard if it could no longer serve its purpose.


If not taken out, a dead tree can be dangerous because it is bound to fall at any time, especially if its trunk has become rotten, decayed, and dry. It would be best to do it yourself before it falls on its own and causes damage.


Avail of Climbatize Ltd's Professional Tree Removal Services

If you have noticed any of the tell-tale signs above, make sure you book professional tree removal services. You can count on Climbatize Ltd. Our services include tree felling, pruning, and crown reduction.


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