To stump grind or not to stump grind, that is the question! 


We often get asked, if our clients actually need to grind out the stump of a tree, that is going to be or has already been, removed. This depends on what your plans are for the area in and around the stump.....

If you are going to develop the area in the future for a patio, driveway, shed etc then you will need the stump to be removed. If you want to prevent a tripping hazard or don't want to see a big ugly stump, grind it out. If your tree was in the middle of the lawn or flower bed and you would like to grass over the top or replant, then get the stump ground out. Or maybe you just do not want the tree to grow back ever again, stump grinding is the best option. 

We have a couple of different machines to tackle stumps, a smaller pedestrian machine and a bigger tracked version. What machine we bring depends on the size of the stump and the access for the machines. 

If you are happy for the stump to stay in situ, we also have another option for stump poisoning, to prevent regrowth. We can install Glysophate based Ecoplugs, which are caps of poison that are drilled into the stumps and slowly release poison to prevent the tree from growing, it's believed to be around 99% effective if installed correctly. Ecoplugs are not available to the general public due to needing correct training and many of the off the shelf options, are not effective. 

Our operatives will be able to give you some advice on the best course of action for your stump.