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Choose Expert Tree Planting for Your Space in Hinckley

Trees can complete and enhance a landscape whether it be an urban or rural location. Not only do they complete the landscape but they also provide vital qualities to the surrounding areas such as oxygen production, water intake, shade creation and screening.

Climbatize can complete any size planting project, including urban planting systems, new development planting schemes as well as specialist singular tree installation and hedging.

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What Planting services do we offer?

Urban Planting Systems

Trees need a healthy nutrient dense environment, with sufficient space to grow in. Urban planting has always been a struggle for developers, with many young trees dying within 2-5 years. We can install planting pits with soil support systems to spread where allowed to and create a growing space for the trees to thrive. We can work around service installation and incorporate stormwater management. 

Specialist Singular or Multiple Tree Planting

What better way to celebrate, than by planting a tree! Something that will last for years to come and become part of the greater landscape, a real living monument for generations to come. We can accommodate any size planting from small trees in churches or gardens, to large semi mature tree installations in parks, cities and car parks. 

Rural Planting or Developments Schemes

Professionally planted trees can give the appearance of already established landscapes. Let the professionals deal with your scheme to ensure that trees can grow for the foreseeable future, whether it be a small woodland or a development green space, we have got you covered.

Hedge Planting and Pleached Trees

Do you want instant screening on a project or in your garden? Climbatize can recommend, supply and plant the best species and maturity of trees, depending upon your preferences for height, screening type and location. Pleached trees can offer an attractive instant hedge if the requirement is for high screening. Young trees can be planted to mature later down the line or established instant hedging could be installed depending upon budget and time constraints.