Tree Removal

Five Signs That You Should Be Thinking about Tree Removal

While trees can really improve the look of most gardens, there are times that they can become dangerous. Bad weather and age can have a big effect on trees and it’s important to look out for the initial signs of a problem. During your regular time in the garden, it’s always worth checking all your plant life, including your trees! By spotting these signs early, there’s a much smaller chance that your tree will fall.

Read through our advice below and you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for!

Significant Damage

When checking your trees, you should pay particular attention to the trunk and branches. While this seems obvious, looking more carefully at these areas will give you a clear indication of how healthy the tree is.

Significant damage to these areas is one of the first indicators that there’s something wrong with your tree. If you see this damage, it’s worth getting in touch with a professional to further inspect these areas.

Broken or Low-Hanging Branches

If the branches on your tree have started to break or hang much lower than usual, this is another sign to look out for. A loss of strength in a tree is an indicator that more of it may fall and this is especially dangerous if any part of your tree overhangs buildings, playgrounds, or footpaths.

Keeping an eye on these branches is vitally important for safety and you can always get in touch with our team if you have concerns.

Cracked or Raised Soil

A little more subtle than the first couple, cracked or raised soil may be an indicator of underlying problems. This is much harder to spot in busy gardens, but it’s a great indicator that your trees may be experiencing problems. If you make a point of inspecting the soil in your garden generally, you’re likely to have a healthier space for longer.

Major Bark Damage

After a storm, you may notice general wear and tear on the bark of your trees. This, on its own, isn’t a problem, but damage can become more pronounced over time. If you notice damage that doesn’t fade or appears to go deeper, it may be a cause for concern. This type of damage is usually easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for and you can always get an extra set of eyes on it by giving us a call.

Hanging over Public Areas

A tree doesn’t necessarily have to be damaged to be dangerous. While damage increases the risk, a tree that hangs over public areas or private spaces that people frequent can be even more deadly in the wrong circumstances.

If one of your trees has begun to encroach on this land, it may be worth getting in touch with our team for a pruning or removal service. We’ll be able to offer advice and top-quality services as soon as we’ve inspected your trees.

Want to Know More?

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