Unearth Top-Class Green Waste Disposal in Hinckley

If you have green waste such as branches, shrubs, grass cuttings, logs, weeds, clippings* etc, we are able to dispose of this at a licensed green waste disposal site.

Climbatize LTD are licensed waste carriers and can remove green waste off site for recycling. If you have been busy in your garden or taken on a garden project and have some green waste to remove, contact us now for hassle free, fast collection.

We can visit your garden or site and provide the most cost effective solution depending on how much waste you have and what type of waste you have. You can also send through some photos, where we can provide estimates. We can also provide you with green waste bags/ sacks for collection. Our green waste collection saves you the time and hassle of bagging the waste up and taking it to the local tip in your car. Many tip sites will not allow vans or pick up trucks or will limit visits. Climbatize can pick up unlimited quantities and can accommodate large scale projects, right down to single green/brown bin collection. 

All of waste is taken to a green waste disposal site, where the waste is broken down to produce compost or taken to power station for biomass to produce energy. We can also provide waste transfer notes on request for each load removed.

Climbatize are able to provide various solutions for green waste removal such as:

green recycle symbol

Green/Brown bin emptying

This service is available as a one off or as a regular visit. 

maple of leaves

Loose loaded waste

With our grab trailer/wagon we can collect loose loaded green waste easily, safely and quickly.


Ton/bulk bags emptying

All you have to do is fill your tonne/bulk builders bag with your loose green waste, contact us when it's ready and we will do the rest.

neo cart with a man

Large skips

20 yard or 40 yard skips available.


We can supply you with our range of bulk bags ranging from our mini bags, through to 1 ton bags midi and our maxi mags. We send out your selected bag, just fill it up on your front drive or garden, let us know when its ready to collect and we will arrange a suitable time and date to collect. Contact us now for more details. 

Easy, hassle free and no mess green waste removed from your garden or site! 


* We do not remove any rubbish other than green waste material, we cannot collect any plastics, paper, metal, stone, soil, brick etc or other non green waste materials within our loads. If any other material are found within each load, a service charge will be applied. We also cannot accept any hazardous waste or invasive weeds material. Climbatize reserves the rights to charge for any unwanted waste or materials. Climbatize reserve the right to refuse load collection due to contaminants.