Tree Removal Works



Although it is a shame to see any tree removed, sometimes a tree’s size, location, or current condition, such as diseased or dying, can mean that felling the tree is the only option.


Trees can be removed in various ways: 

• Straight Felling- this is where a tree is cut down from the base and felled over onto the ground where it can then be cleared up.


•Small Section Removal- an ideal method with limited space is to remove the tree one section at a time. This is when a tree is climbed using a rope and harness and then taken down in small bits, lowered to the ground, and then cleared away by ground staff.


Unless discussed differently in your free quotation appointment, all of our tree removal quotation's include green waste removal off site.


A member of our team will be happy to meet with you for a free quotation and discuss the best option's for you and your tree.





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